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Welcome to Arizona Bio Fuels Research. Our company was founded for the purpose of Research and Development of alternative fuels. By Alternative Fuels, we are referring to fuels that are derived from a source that is renewable and sustainable for the near and distant future.

Too long have we (the human race) abused our environment. We have burned fossil fuels on an enormous level and brought our planet's ecosystem to a near catastrophic level. I am speaking about Carbon Dioxide, and Global Warming. We need to power our cars and trucks using something other than "fossil fuels (Gasoline and diesel).

While I like to think of myself as an "Environmentalist" I am actually a realist. Even the Christmas cards you get with that photo of of Santa and his eight reindeer are exhaling Carbon Dioxide. Even the workers who printed the Mixbook Christmas cards are exhaling Carbon Dioxide. I know that global warming is not just caused by carbon dioxide that has been released into the atmosphere. It is being accelerated by the sheer amount of Carbon Dioxide. We have been burning fossil fuels in our energy plants and motor vehicles. This engine/plant exhaust is releasing carbon dioxide that has been stored in the ground for millions of years. When the Dinosaurs Roamed the earth there was a tropical jungle that spanned a majority of the entire planet. The planet was comprised of roughly the same land mass - but had five to nine times the tropical jungle area of our current eco-system. By burning fossil motor fuels we have been releasing vast amounts of "old century bygone" Carbon Dioxide.

Don't think this is relevant? Read On!!

The tropical jungles and forests of the world are essentially the lungs of our planet. The plants take in carbon dioxide and utilize the individual molecules in a process known as photosynthesis to stimulate and promote plant growth. In photosynthesis, the plants extract the carbon from the carbon dioxide, and release the un-used oxygen molecules. As a result, the by product of plant growth is oxygen. In contrast - The by product of animal and human respiration is carbon dioxide. Therefore they go hand in hand. We breath in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, the plants absorb the carbon dioxide and build complex sugar chains and release oxygen as their excess by product. This is good. We need oxygen, and the plants need carbon dioxide.

But what happens if we generate more carbon dioxide than we have plants to convert or utilize it? We have a carbon dioxide build-up that can conceivably be toxic. Or even worse, the carbon dioxide can combine with other naturally occurring gaseous molecules and inhibit oxygen dispersal throughout the atmosphere. In effect we can have a breakdown of the ozone layers in the upper atmosphere. Ozone is the blue in the skies. The deeper the blue - the more ozone.

To make matters worse - we (the human race) are in the process of eliminating the lungs of our planet. Our tropical Jungles are under siege. Every year acres (even square miles) of jungles are being cleared. Many of the species that thrive in these habitats are on the verge of extinction. We (the human race) are also poised to become extinct!!! And we are doing it to ourselves.

The petroleum (oil) found in the ground is a molecular concoction comprised of decayed plant and animal remains from the prehistoric ages. This is the precious oil that we are so dependent upon. These oil reserves are limited and defined by the simple fact that the dinosaurs died off millions of years ago - and we aren't raising anymore dinosaurs today. In fact, we are clear cutting our forests and jungles as we speak. So I ask you:::: What is going to be the source of petroleum for our great great great great great grand childrens' great great great grandchildren? I'll answer for you - NOTHING!!!

Bio Fuels are The answer to our ecological and economical problems.

Bio Fuels are fuels that are derived from Biological fuel sources that are not fossil fuel based. They are not derived from petroleum but are derived from plant mass or matter that is renewable, and sustainable. Need more bio fuel - grow more plants. Sounds simple, doesn't it? But it is not that easy.

Remember, land is money and those high dollar condominiums take a lot of land away from crop lands. No body wants to build a house on a rock hill. They want to put it in the middle of the farmer's field, and then they want the farmer to quit growing crops because his activity is annoying. In order to grow more crops, you have to put more land under agricultural production. Really, this is an interesting point! The more people we have on the planet, the more food we need, this means the more land we need to produce fuel, to produce/grow food, and the more land we need to build those houses to house all the additional people. But wait a darn minute!!!! If we have say 200 units of land this century, and we need 40 units for people and 30 units to grow food, we have 130 units for such things as factories, shopping centers, parks and oh yea, forests' and jungles (ya gotta breathe, Right?). (NOTE: For the sake of simplifying our discussion - Oceans, streams, rivers and lakes are not part of the equation - unless you build artificial lakes, ponds and streams on the "available land") So - out of the 130-units available, you need at least 80 units for forests and jungles. Don't frown, you can also use the forests and jungles as park and animal reserves. This is good, because you need to have fresh air (why do you think people like to be in the country? Fresh Air! ). This leaves roughly 50 units for future generations (and wildlife).

The problem is 10 to twenty years down the road. Population has increased by 50%, meaning you need to cut down 20 more units of forests or jungle to put the additional people on. Common sense would dictate that you double up the housing capacity by building two or three story apartment/condominiums. But that's not pleasant, people want their own back yards with their own pools. So ya gotta take away 20 units of forest and jungles. Or, you can take 20 units from the 50 units of reserve. Now for the complication. The farmer's need to grow 50% more food. So you need more agricultural land to grow food. Now farms are kinda tricky. No one has figured out how to effectively stack multiple farms upon a single piece of land, even though we have figured out how to stack peoples' houses (apartments).

Wait a minute!!! Aren't you going to grow something to make bio fuel out of? This is going to be a potential problem down the road. Since you only have say 30 units available to grow crops for Bio Fuel, you need to get maximum crop yield. Oh, one other thing? You need water for the crops. Dang, and you thought you had it figured out.

This is just a sample of the really complex issues involved. We need to seriously devote energy, resources, and money to solve this Bio Fuels production issue. The entire human race is dependent upon our ability to effectively solve this equation.

The Big Oil companies do not really want us to develop Bio Fuels. They have their money invested in an energy model that makes a lot of money for them. Think this is not relevant? Take into consideration that They Control all of the petroleum commodity known as Oil, Not every one can just drill a hole and get oil. But everyone can grow fuel crops. Which means that the oil companies cannot monopolize a fuel that everybody can readily produce. So now, explain to me why the oil company should invest in actual alternative energy research? I'm waiting.....

Ok, so now I have another snag. Who do you think is going to fund all of these Alternative fuel projects? The government? This would mean additional taxes. The banks? Get real. Who do you think owns all that petroleum stock (or Big Oil Company Stock)? Do you seriously think that the Banker is going to help you finance and promote a fuel source that is going to cause his energy stock to lose value? Yea right!!!! This is exactly why you cannot go down to the bank and borrow say $30,000.00 to build a home Bio Diesel Plant, or say $70,000.00 to build a small Ethanol Plant. The bank will tell you flat out that it is an unwise investment . Unwise, because it will threaten his/her petroleum stock. Why do they think this? Because their Big Oil Buddies are telling them it is. After all, Alternative fuel is not good for ig Oil because Big Oil will lose market share. And the oil companies readily point to the 500-million jobs that are at stake. This is the singular fact that keeps all those congressmen and senators from getting actively on the Alternative Fuels Bandwagon e can't have all those voters out of work, it will make them angry! Then the congressmen and senators won't get reelected. And they won't get all that campaign money from the oil companies, which means they won't be able to persuade enough of the employed folks to vote for them to offset the votes against them by the ticked off unemployed workers.

But there is a snag with this train of thought. You see, they aren't taking into consideration the fact that the alternative fuels industry will actually create additional jobs. In fact nationwide there will be over two to three jobs created for every job lost. So why is this a problem? Because, It may not be a job in the same geographic location (hence the congressman/senator will still lose voters). But this is all conjecture. The only solid fact is that the products derived as off spins of the oil industry can be readily produced from bio energy processes. That's right! many of the chemical compounds that we think are only available from petroleum can be synthetically produced from bio gases or bio matter sources. It's just a matter of getting the carbon chains aligned or arranged to compile the many molecular variants and produce the carbon chains that make up petro chemical by-products.

But there is still one basic problem: The Big Oil Companies will not own it, and if they do try and buy up the alternative fuels industry, they still cannot keep total control of it. But they can get the legislators to legislate around the issues, and stall their eventual demise. This is the current petroleum industry tactics. Diversion, smoke and mirrors.

I cannot tell you how many times I have been told that Ethanol is a poor choice for use as a motor fuel. They say It burns up the valves (my response is always: Why, because it burns 23% cooler? It's a fact). Ethanol has only 80% of the energy potential of gasoline (but a typical car/truck/SUV only utilizes 60% of gasolines' available power under extreme optimal conditions - the grocery buggy probably only utilizes about 45%, so how is this issue a problem? Please explain: I'm not seeing the counter point?). Oh yea, You can make adjustments to an the engine and tune it to Ethanol, and get a 25% gain (making it 105% as efficient as gasoline). Don't take my word for it - It's a scientific fact that has been proven over and over.

How about Bio Diesel. Here's a good one to ponder. Bio Diesel has more lubricity (it is more slippery in the engine than regular Diesel, and a lot more slippery than ultra low sulfur diesel). Therefore, Bio Diesel will not wear out your diesel as fast as regular petro diesel (I like to call it Dino Gunk ). Another common misrepresentation/rumor is that biodiesel cloggs the fuel filters of a diesel truck. This is not true! Bio Diesel does not clog the fuel filters in a diesel engine - but the Dino Gunk Residue that has built up in the tank will. Bio Diesel is a clean fuel, and a high detergent fuel. This means it will clean out the fuel tank and where is all that dino gunk gonna go? That's right! Bio Diesel runs smoother than petro diesel because it has an inherently higher CETANE Rating. CETANE is the fuels resistance to delayed combustion (delayed ignition) which is the source of that distinct "Diesel Sound" of a running Diesel Engine. Bio Diesel also burns extremely clean. Meaning that there are no measurable pollutants from a Bio Diesel Fueled Engine Exhaust. You can literally stand in the exhaust stream of a running Bio Diesel Powered vehicle and not get that watery eye effect or obnoxious smell of a diesel engine. This means that dreaded problem of obnoxious odors while following a diesel truck or bus in traffic is gone forever. Burning Bio Diesels in an engine does not put sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere, because there is no sulfur dioxide to exhaust. In case you are unaware - sulfur dioxide is a major compound found in petroleum, and, that yellow cloud we see as SMOG.

So explain to me just why Alternative Fuels are not good? If you weigh the facts one on one, you will rapidly come to the conclusion that Alternative Fuels are 10 times better that fossil fuels. And they will help stabilize the global economy in the long run because you will not have a few centralized countries monopolizing this energy resource. Pricing will be more stabilized and as the industry develops, and products will tend to get progressively cheaper - instead of more expensive.

So once again I ask? Why Not?

Wondering What happened to all the Bio Fuels and Alternative Energy Programs in Arizona? Or where all the Economic Stimulus money is really going?

Go to our Alternative Energy vs State of Arizona link. I think you will find it enlightening.

Dave R. Mason,
Atrizona Bio Fuels Research

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