7805 and 7905
Voltage Regulator Page

The LM7805 and LM7905 Regulator ICs are essentially the same (identical). The LM7805 is a Positive Voltage Regulator, while the LM7905 is a Negative Voltage Regulator. Both are capable of powering a 1.0 Amp Load (ideal conditions). Both devices generally come in a TO-220 Package. Some versions are available in the K Package, which is a TO-3 Power Case - but these devices cost at least $35.00 each (as opposed to the normal $1.85 for the TO-220 Packaged device).

The 1.0 Amp 5.0 Volt 7805 Based Regulator Circuit: Below is a typical application for a simple 5-Volt 1.0 Amp regulator circuit.

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